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Everything you need to know about Rezoning Application Process

Are you a home owner in Tshwane, Johannesburg or Ekurhuleni? We can assist your throughout your rezoning application process. Below are some of the advice  that will point you rezone a property.

how to rezone residential to commercial and more

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What is Rezoning?

Zoning or rezoning definition is similar in Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni, it is the land use rights of your property or simply what you can do in your property. In addition, there are various zones. for instance agricultural, residential, business and industrial.

Each zone has its own land use rights and its restrictions. Rezoning is the change of zones from one to another. read more here.

below are some factors that will help you navigate rezoning application process.

Rezoning application process in South Africa

How long does it take to rezone a property?

The rezoning application timeframe is similar in all three municipalities (Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni). The application can take anywhere from 6 months to 18 months to be either approved or denied. Moreover, the rezoning process is time consuming and is a complicated. Therefore, documents required by the local government is complex and take time to prepare.

Because of the nature of these applications, most people that wish to apply for land use change end up using the services of a professional town planner.

Rezoning application fees

The cost of rezoning vary based on location and nature of projects. Some properties are in regions that have relaxed municipal by laws whereas some are located in environmental sensitive regions for example.  A simple rezoning application process can cost approximately R40 000, whereas a complicated project can cost from R50 000 to R120 000.

Custodians of rezoning process
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Local government planning department is liable for control, processing and recording of land use rights changes. they manage rezoning through zoning ordinance and by-laws, which give the principles and regulations for the permitted use and development of properties.

If you would like to vary or add use rights to your specific property, you want to apply to the local council for permission to do so. This can only be done by a professional town planner.

how to check zoning of a property

Each property is zoned according to the municipal zoning disctrict (Tshwane, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni) zoning regulations and is recorded on a zoning certificate and zoning map. Zones determines what land uses are permitted on your property. For instance, land uses permitted on Business zone includes Business Building, Dwelling-units, Guest-house and more.

Inquiring about your property zoning

Your local municipality’s town planning office with assist you with the zoning certificate and map of your property. However, if you’ll want to develop the property for a purpose not allowed for within the zoning scheme and zoning ordinance, your will need to appoint a private  consulting town planner to draft and submit the application on your behalf. Request your zoning certificate with us here.

what documents i need to rezone a property

The appointed town planner will draft the application and submit it on your behalf together with the above listed documents. The city’s planning council will consider the application for the approval of new land use rights.

Rezoning feasibility (can my property be rezoned)

Note that some properties may be located in areas that have strict zoning rights due to various factors. For instance, properties lying in environmental sensitive areas. In addition, some title deeds may have specific usage restrictions. If you want to develop such properties with zoning restrictions, we can provide you with a free desktop feasibility study.

Rezoning vs Consent Use

Rezoning is the change in land use rights whereas consent use is the addition of land use rights to the existing zone. “Consent use” is when the desired use is allowed within the existing zoning scheme but subject the approval of council. Therefore, a consent use can be awarded if no additional infrastructure development will be needed.

Asking for quotation

We offer free per-application advice. For instance, desktop feasibility study and detailed quote for land use rights changes such as rezoning and consent use.

For any assistance with city council land use rights, click here to request a quote.

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