What is town planning?

From a consulting point of view, Town planning is a technical process that involves the control of existing and new developments in a certain spatial location. It is concerned with the design of spatial environment, taking into consideration land use, environmental protection and public welfare. Town planners work with Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Environmental practitioners and Lawyers to realize the dream of an utopian environment in which we live, work and play.

What is rezoning?

Rezoning is the process of changing the land use rights of a property. for example, the change of residential rights to business rights for the purpose of converting a house to a coffee-shop.

What are the steps of a rezoning process?

  1. Pre-application
  2. here you check if the rezoning of a particular land parcel is permitted my the land use scheme. if the its permitted, you can then proceeded by collecting the necessary documents to draft an application such asĀ  title deed, zoning certificate and required maps.

  3. Drafting motivational memorandum
  4. You need to draft a formal motivational application, stating why the council should approve your application. the motivational application is drafted as per standards of the municipality your property fall under.

  5. Formal submission
  6. After drafting the motivational application or memorandum, you will have to submit it the your local authority and pay the submission fee as set by the council.

  7. Public participation
  8. Once the application is submitted and under review, you can start engaging your community about your intentions . The public participation involves notify your neighbors by latters, placing advertisements on site, advertising on provincial gazette and local newspaper for two consecutive weeks.

  9. Application review
  10. As you are busy conducting a public participation, the city council will review your application and inform you of any concerns from various departments or from the community.

  11. Public hearings
  12. In case there are objections from various departments or the community. A public hearing will be held to address the concerns and find mitigation measures to the raisedĀ  concerns.

  13. Council action
  14. the city council will then notify you if they approve or disapprove of your applications.

How long does it take for a rezoning application to be approved?

The rezoning process can take anything from 4 to 12 months depending on various factors surrounding the property. for instance, objection to a rezoning process can delay the approval.

What is property consolidation?

Property consolidation can simply be described as the process of formally consolidating two or more properties into one property.

How to consolidate my properties?

Yes, you can consolidate your adjacent properties into one and register them under one title deed. however, it must be done formally and you can only develop them only if your application is approved.

How to divide my property / What is property subdivision?

Subdivision of a property is the division of one property (stand or plot) to two or more properties. In many cases, you can only subdivided properties located in a formal township.

How can i divide my property into two portions?

You must formally send an application to you local municipality for the subdivision of properties. Once your application is approved and you have received title deeds for both stands, you can then develop or sell.

How do I remove restrictive title deed conditions?

You must submit a formal application to your local authority, stating why you want to remove the conditions.

How do i develop a farm land into a residential township?

To develop a farmland into a formal township, you must submit a township establishment application to your local authority, these application is accompanied by a Layout Design, Environmental Impact Report, Bulk Services Report, Heritage Impact Report, Traffic Impact Report and other relevant reports.

which are the professional town planning organizations?

The following are organizations that influence and govern town planning and related disciplines in South Africa.

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