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filling station application and petroleum licensing
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Get your petrol station up and running.

With our help, you’ll be filling cars in no time. We help with rezoning and site licensing, environmental authorization, road access, and site development plans for petrol stations.

get your filling station application started.

froet gas, petrol station, gasoline-195375.jpgAs petroleum license specialists in South Africa, we help you take care of all the filling station application paperwork and planning for your new or upgrading petrol station. With our service, you’ll have peace of mind and can focus on growing your business.

The Fueling Station: How to Get a Site Licence for Petrol Stations in South Africa

The South African petrol station industry has experienced a new wave of innovation and digitalisation. As a result, there is now greater accessibility to fuel dispensers that suit various needs and requirements.
A petrol station site licence is an essential document for any individual or company that owns, operates or plans to operate a service station in South Africa. A site licence is basically the permission granted by the relevant government ministry to build, own or operate a petrol station on a specific piece of land.
In this article, we explore how you can get your own site licence for operating your own petrol station in South Africa. .

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