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Property subdivision

Property Subdivision and Backyard Rebuild Tshwane
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What is Subdivision of Property

Property subdividing is a process of dividing a property into two or more portions. For instance, dividing Erf 22 into lot 1 and lot 2 as demonstrated in the right diagram.  If you buy a portion of a subdivided Lot/Erf, it is similar to buying any other portion of land. A subdivided lot has its own zoning certificate and title deed.

Property subdivision

Property subdivision South Africa

When it comes to planning and permits, we have the highest rate of success in the market. This gives us the confidence to offer money back guarantees to anyone who is looking for planning permits. We go all the way to get planning permits approved. Be it the neighbors or the councils, we engage ourselves in negotiations to fight on our client’s behalf.

If we cannot get you a permit, we will return your money back. That’s a promise!

Property Subdivision is just what the name implies; it is dividing a single piece of property into smaller, separate pieces or lots, usually to sell as a divided piece or to allow for future development. It is one of the very lucrative form of property investment. From the inception of our company, our flagship service for our clients has been, and still is, obtaining plans and permits for architecturally designed dwellings to be constructed in the backyard of a family home or an investment property.

RS Planning Consultants offers various options to our clients as part of our property subdivision South Africa services. We can assist them with planning permits, sell and even rent out their backyards if they want to retain their land. We help all the way. Depending on the financial situation, they can either just get the permits to increase property value or they can construct a house to boost profits.

How Can We Help?

If you currently own a property and would like to achieve a subdivision and build a dwelling in the backyard such as this case study – please click here to contact our Client Services Team to arrange a free consultation and ask about our 50% fully refundable job guarantee.


Example of Land Subdivision

Property subdivision
If you would like to develop land in the same way as this case study, please contact our Client Services Team to arrange a free consultation.
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