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Residential town houses rezoning

New Residential Planning Zones in Tshwane
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New residential land use zone Tshwane

New rules that may influence development are being introduced across Tshwane. Planning zones stipulate what development and uses can be built where and the Local Government has introduced new residential zones for Tshwane.

This represents one of the biggest planning reforms in Tshwane’s history. These new residential zones may change the type of development and subdivision that is allowed to occur in your street and neighborhood. The changes to the residential zones impact upon building heights, density, neighborhood character and the future use of your property.

The introduction of the new residential zones provides Council with an opportunity to implement the housing strategy. In general, the new residential zones will be applied in accordance with the three levels of housing change identified in the provincial housing strategy.

New residential zones in tshwane
Will ensure the protection of valued character and heritage areas, with generally no more than two homes to be built on a block.
Residential zones
Will allow unit and townhouse development similar to what already occurs in most residential areas.
Will allow townhouse and apartment development in areas well serviced by public transport and close to community services.

The new zones aim to provide greater clarity about the type of development that can occur in different residential locations. The Tshwane Council have until 1 July 2022 to introduce the new zones. The local government has released criteria to indicate where the new zones could be applied.

Please refer to the Tshwane Government Department of  Planning and Local Infrastructure for further information.

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