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Helping you stop reckless rezoning
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What can you do?

RS Planning Consultants is here to make voices of the citizens are heard by council representation. Many of us are concerned about the manner in which illegal and harmful land uses are being introduced into our neighborhoods throughout the Gauteng. It often seems as though the developers exert undue influence over the direction of this growth and that our local government leaders are often subject to ‘pursuasive’ tactics utilized by many developers. On the other hand, the commissioners are also responsive to the needs of communities they represent. Ultimately, we, the RS Planning Consultants, are capable of representing clients and communities against reckless rezoning.

Stay informed about pending issues in your community and communicate your concerns with neighbors, community groups and other interested groups.

Attend Planning Commission and Board of Commissioner Hearings.

Learn the procedure by which zoning, rezoning and land use changes are implemented or appoint us to represent you in these meetings. 

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