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SAACPP AGM – 31 May 2022
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South African Association of Consulting Professional Planners

The association (SAACPP), South’s AGM will be held on the 31st May 2022. The venue is still to be confirmed.

Nomination forms have been e-mailed, but if you haven’t received these, please contact James. The Committee is to consist of a chairman, a vice-chairman, the retiring chairman, 4 committee members and additional members may be co-opted. “Member” in terms of the constitution is a firm and a firm (or a specific representative) may be nominated.

The Constitution indicates that prior to the date on which nominations for the election of committee members are sent to the members of a Region, the existing Committee shall designate from amongst its members persons who will, after the next annual general meeting, hold the offices of chairman, vice-chairman and secretary (and treasurer) for the succeeding session. Unfortunately the previous committee meeting was only attended by 4 firms and therefore not all positions have been filled. Thank you to Quintus Thom who will be our secretary and Marius Van Wyk who will be our treasure.

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