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draft spatial planning and land use management bill 2011
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Spatial planning bill

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has published the DRAFT SPATIAL PLANNING AND LAND USE MANAGEMENT BILL, 2011 (Government Gazette, 6 May 2011, No.34270, NOTICE 280 OF 2011.

Attached hereto please find a copy of the said publication. A copy will also be placed on the SACPLAN as well as the SAACPP Websites.
The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform invites any interested person or body to provide comments on the Draft Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Bill, 2011.

The Bill will replace the Development Facilitation Act, No 67 of 1995, Removal of Restrictions Act, No 84 of 1967, the Physical Planning Act, No 88 of 1967 and other laws. The Bill will impact on all national, provincial and pre-1994 pieces of legislation on land use management and land development.

The objects of the Bill are to-

a) provide for a uniform, effective, efficient and integrated regulatory framework for spatial planning, land use and land use management in a manner that promotes the principles of co-operative government and public interest;

b) provide for and determine development principles, compulsory norms and standards for land use management;

c) maintain essential standards for land use management, spatial development and land use;

d) promote co-operative governance; socio-economic benefits; sustainable and efficient use of land; establish planning tribunals; and redress the imbalances of the past and ensure that there is equity in land use and land use management.

Written comments and consultative inputs on the Bill must be submitted by
no later than 06 June 2011 to: Sunday Ogunronbi – [email protected] Fax: 0866 92 8882

Rajesh Makan – [email protected]

Fax: 012 321 6854
Lindiwe Mabona –

[email protected] Fax: 012 321 6808

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